NameDegree/YearWork place/Year numberProfessional field(s)Mail addressTitle
László BányaiDSc. (2007)Geodetic and Geophysical Institute, MTA CSFKphysical and mathematical geodesy, GNSS, editor
Judit BenedekPhD (2009)Geodetic and Geophysical Institute, RCAES, HAS (1996 - 1999;2012 - )Synthetic modelling of the gravitational field, Gravity tidal analysis in the Pannonian editor
János GeigerPhD (2000)University of Szeged, Institute of Geography and Geosciences, Department of Geology and Paleontologygeomathematics, geostatistics, static modeling of hydrocarbon editor
Zoltán GráczerPhD (2005)MTA CSFK GGI editor
Katalin editor
János KalmárkandidátusGeodetic and Geophysical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, HASmathematical geodesy, photogrametry, image processing, digital terrain model, robust statistical editor in chief
Ambrus KenyeresPhDBFKH FTFF Satellite Geodetic ObservatoryGNSS, geodetic networks, reference editor
Arpad KisPhDRCAES of HASgeophysics, space physics, space plasma, spacecraft data evaluation, collisionless shock, particle acceleration editor
Gábor PappPhD (1997)Geodetic and Geophysical Institute, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, HAS (1987 - )physical geodesy, field and observatory gravimetry,
statistical analysis of the gravity field, forward and inverse gravity modeling editor
Ágnes Rá technical editor
Szilárd SzabóDScDepartment of Physical Geography and Geoinfromatics, University of Debrecenremote editor
Eszter SzűcsPhD (2016)MTA CSFK Geodetic and geophysical Instituteradarinterferometry (InSAR), multitemporal InSAR analysis to detect small-scale tectonic deformations, geoid editor
Gabor editor
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