Definition of „new scientific results”

Presentation of observation and surveying methods, data obtained from measurements and model computations, the results of their spatial-temporal analysis and interpretation and description of all the related theoretical considerations, processing methods and algorithms forming essential part of the manuscript are acknowledged as new achievements by both the Advisory and the Editorial Boards of Publications in Geomatics if those are unpublished (i.e. not available publicly either in printed or in digital form) either by the Author(s) or by other natural or legal person in 50% at least, related to its total scientific information content. The measure of overlapping with other published results should be kept at a level which is indispensable for the understanding of the discussion and for the argumentation of the conclusions. Formal one-to-one coincidence with earlier publications either in wording or in the visual outlook of the manuscript is not allowed except in possession of a written permission from the copyright holder of the reprinted material considered.

The new scientific achievements should be briefly emphasized in the introductory part of the manuscript where the background of the research is described by application of proper referencing of earlier publications. It helps the referees to evaluate the novelty of the research results presented both in national and international scales.