Ethics and rules of manuscript handling

Each and every member of the Editorial and the Advisory Boards as well as the Referees are obliged to handle any data and information inherent in the manuscripts and auxiliary review materials (corrected manuscripts, messages, comments, etc...) uploaded to the editorial system of Publications in Geomatics confidentially in both the review and technical editing phase of the publication process. Only an explicitly written permission from the Author(s) abates this obligation.

Those materials which are created by using of the editorial system regardless if those were generated by the editorial or the Referee’s or the Author’s web pages, or are uploaded to the system as digital files will be archived as soon as the printing preparations of the actual volume starts. The archived materials can be retrieved from the system on good grounds by asking the permission of the editor in chief in a written request.

If any member of the Editorial or the Advisory Boards as well as any of the Referees possesses any information related to professional and ethical questions provided this has an influence on the merit on the publishing process of the manuscript under consideration are obliged to inform the editor in chief about the case. The editor in chief must consult the case with those editors and advisory board members who are professionally adequate in the scope and then must make a decision about the fate of the manuscript. The Author(s) has (have) to be involved in the clarification of problems too.

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