In the first step the uploaded manuscript is subject of a preliminary evaluation by the responsible editor who is automatically assigned to the ms based on the field(s) of interest declared by the Author(s). The responsible editor focuses on the following questions:

  1. Does the ms meet the topical definitions of Publications in Geomatics?
  2. Does the ms contain new information sufficient for publication?
  3. Are there typical format errors and contextual deficiencies in the ms the correction of which makes the work of Referees smoother and easier?

As soon as the ms is accepted for review by the responsible editor, she/he assigns 2 independent Referees to the ms, who are probably not in conflict of interest with the Author(s). By default the Referees are anonym but it can be omitted upon request when the Referee’s score sheet is being completed. The “no conflict of interest” has to be declared also on the score sheet if applicable.

The proofreading starts when 2 accepted invitations for review are available. A Referee has 30 days to complete her/his review. The review results are available for the Author(s) if both reviews are properly closed. At the same time the Referees can also access the reviews of each other keeping the actual state of anonymity. The Author(s) has (have) 30 days to make the requested and suggested corrections, modifications and to response the critics formulated by the Referees.

A Referee must fill out a score sheet which can be shortly explained. Furthermore, the upload of a detailed review and/or the corrected manuscript is also obligatory. The review cycle can be closed only if these conditions above met. Partial saving of the Referee’s work is provided by the system.

Based on the review results the responsible editor either starts a new review cycle by granting the corresponding Author access to her/his revised ms or closes the cycle and initiates the technical editing. In this phase the ms gets its final form and outlook managed by the technical editor according to the template file provided by the journal. The full process ends with a final proofreading which lets the Author to correct only small, mainly typing errors, misspellings, etc... which does not influence the content essentially. The Author(s) has (have) 48 hours to proofread the ms by making a list of errors or declare that the present form and content of the ms is aware to, accepted and can be passed to printing. The lack of this declaration gives consent.